Training to make a difference

Whether it’s teaching writing basics to nonprofessionals, training line managers to better communicate with employees or working with your team of professionals to up their game, Betty Henry can create training programs tailored to meet your specific needs. Through a combination of lecture, discussion and practical exercises, our programs will provide tangible results from your education investment.

Business writing basics

Many believe that, when writing for a business audience, the language is supposed to sound “professional” – stilted, jargon-ridden, passive, unnatural and bureaucratic. We’ll show your team how to write to get results using language that is concise, simple, accurate and active. More …

Many average writers could tremendously improve their work by mastering a few simple techniques. If you’re tired of reading messages that leave you scratching your head in wonder, this training can be an important step toward clearer, more concise communication among your colleagues. We’ll tailor the content to specifically address each participant’s writing challenges while offering simple techniques to improve writing skills. We’ll show participants how to define their purpose, cut out the clutter, avoid abstraction and write to get results.

Communication skills for managers

Effective communication skills form the foundation for successful management, yet many managers lack these skills. Whether speaking, listening to others or creating an atmosphere in which timely, high-quality information flows smoothly, managers with well-honed communication skills will move the organization forward. More …

To be a strong manager, one must be able to determine who needs information and then to communicate that information in a concise and timely manner. A strong manager knows how to choose the most appropriate medium – written, oral or visual – based upon who will receive the information and how it will be used. This manager knows not only how to listen effectively, but also how to help others communicate more effectively. These are skills that can be learned: We can help to ensure that your managerial team has these skills and uses them to support your business strategy.

Writing and editing – a ‘crash course’ for communications professionals

In today’s world, the communications team may extend far beyond the professional communicators. From a loose network of staff in outlying locations to employee bloggers and even senior leaders’ administrative assistants, the communications function may have wide-ranging responsibility carried out by those with little formal training. We can help. More …

What are the fundamentals of writing for the organization, and how do they differ from other types of writing? What must happen before putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard)? The structure of writing depends on many factors: the nature of the information, the expectations of the audience, the format or medium in which the work will appear and so on. How do those factors shape a story? What can the professional do to improve upon an already-good product? And, what must one consider in editing the work of others?We’ll help your team better understand how to write with clarity and impact – how their writing can support business strategy, bring information and understanding to the reader, shape opinion, inspire action and help the organization achieve its goals.
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