What do today’s ‘professional communicators’ look like?

Nine months ago, I left my “real-world” job and set out to determine what my next career incarnation would be, and I’ve been pleased with my choice to join the consulting world. Not only is it fun, but it has also led me to rethink some long-held views and embrace some new practices. One example: social media.

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You aren’t the only communicator: Let your employees tell their stories

It’s been my experience that communicators sometimes adopt the attitude that it isn’t communication until we say that it’s communication. We compulsively review anything with words to ensure alignment with strategy, brand and culture. Many of us started out as English majors, so we know best what it takes to make a good story. We know how to develop heroes (our customers), villains (excessive costs, declining sales, the competition), plot twists (budget cuts, a change in the market) – and we can do it all in the corporate voice (and without typos).

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Content curation – an old answer to a new problem

While the practice is neither new nor revolutionary, the concept of “content curation” is achieving “latest-and-greatest” status in the world of organizational communication. As business becomes more global, face-to-face and print communication are transitioning to online communication. The resulting proliferation of information and documentation, whether on the World Wide Web or corporate intranets, is overwhelming – not only for search engines, but also for readers. Even the most complex and elegant search algorithms cannot replace the human creativity, capability and expertise needed to navigate intelligently, and thus a new role for communicators is emerging – that of content curator.

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